Wednesday, November 26, 2014

We'd Love Your Opinion...

We're creating a nutritional healing company.  

If you've ever tried to search the internet to find answers about how to heal a disease or condition, you'll know that there is a lot of conflicting information out there.  So many people claim to be experts, but they never really show you the research.  Is what they say true?  It can be utterly time-consuming and exhausting to wade through the information that's out there.  And once you do so, how do you know whether you have it all or not?

Our company is going to search throughout the internet for all the scientifically documented information on healing with foods for every individual disease and condition.  You know, there are lots of government research studies, University studies, projects from hospitals, doctors and nutritionists all over the world.  It's a wealth of knowledge that is simply not collected up and reposited all together in any one place.  We're going to be that place.

We've teamed up with a guy who has been developing a special search engine for many years.  This engine, originally used by NASA, has the ability to scour all over the internet, deep down where most people never go.  Did you know that Google only covers 4% of the information that's out there?  It's true.  I was very surprised to learn this.

It means that when you go to look up information about a disease, you're not getting to the real sources.  But we will.  We'll be doing it for you.

Once we have our "healing reports" for each condition, we'll be pairing our information with dietary recommendations, supplement suggestions, menu plans, recipes, cooking tips, shopping lists, tracking apps, blogs to explain the information, chat rooms and more.

We want to help people integrate the information we develop on healing with foods, herbs and supplements into their lives as effortlessly and completely as possible.  The whole goal of our new company is to make knowing how to heal with food much easier than it has been in the past.

We need a name--   Anyway, whereas building the company has been easy, getting a name for it has not.  It seems that URLs for all the good names have been taken and whenever we find an available URL, there are often trademark issues.  One by one, all our favorite names have been shot down.

Finally, we have a short list of names that are available and we'd love to know what you think about them.  They are:

      EpicureRx      NutriCern      NutritionScienceRx      NutriGuide       EatRx

It would be so very helpful to us if you would let us know which one you like the best in the comment section below.  

Your opinion is very important to us.  Thanks ever so much!!!

Our first report--   The first condition we're working on is eczema.  We're on track to have our very first report available in mid-January.  After that we'll be working on Macular Degeneration, Psoriasis, Hypertension, Metabolic Syndrome, Hyperlipidemia, Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimer's and Cancer Prevention.

Ultimately we'll have reports for all the major diseases  and we'll be able to combine information for multiple conditions, creating a report for someone like me who is concerned about diabetes, macular degeneration and cancer.  Our reports will be fully customized to create a personal healing profile.

We're so excited about what all this means for both your health and ours!

Oh, and one last thing...we would be most grateful if you would like us on facebook.  Click here to go to the Eat Thrive Heal facebook page.


  1. NutriScienceRx is descriptive and will lead to more inquiries

  2. NutritionScienceRx--for me, that says it all

  3. Best name: EatRx

    Second best: NutritionScienceRx

  4. This is a good question! i have to go with NutritionScienceRX but love the web here eatthriveheal Now THAT says it all... good luck...

  5. btw.. i like nutricern as a corp name btw cuz the other one is too long... and nuticern sounds like a company... i hate long names i can't spell etc.... (and so does google) it would be hard to get the names with the RX to come up in any kind of search...

  6. First choice - Nutrition Science Rx and Second choice - EatRx

  7. NutritionScienceRx- My first choice it describes in the name exactly what you are doing. Nutrition that is based on science and research. Like your very own prescription to all you health needs.

  8. I like NutriScienceRx or possibly EatThriveHeal

  9. NutriGuide gets my vote because it's simpler than the others and this is what is does.

  10. I assume NutriScience to taken, also like NutriSci

  11. EatRx -- right to the point; easy to understand and to remember. Brevity is an art.