Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Healthy, Yummy French Toast Cooked with the Kind of Bread our Ancestors Ate

We've been cooking up a storm with einkorn flour.  This naturally low-gluten, ancient grain wheat flour becomes almost no-gluten when it is cooked into bread loaves using a natural sourdough starter.

It turns out that many people who have problems with the higher gluten content in regular wheat flour are able to tolerate einkorn flour easily.*

Although at first, the bread loaves made with einkorn flour and sourdough starter seemed dense and heavy, we are all growing very attached to them.  They are satisfying and filling and we find ourselves craving them.

I can't help but think of these einkorn loaves as peasant bread.  They have that hearty, country texture. It wasn't until just a century or so ago that the use of yeast leavening in bread baking became common. Up until then, most bread was leavening with natural sourdough cultures.  This loaf is merely taking us back to our baking roots, using ancient grains that were first cultivated by man 10,000 years ago along with the natural leavening method used for thousands of years.

Einkorn flour bread baked with a sourdough starter.  It's dense and heavy, but we find ourselves craving more!

This week we've been using our einkorn sourdough loaves to make a delicious French toast.  It's easy to make.  Just use a fork to beat an egg on a dinner plate.  Pour in about 2 T of almond milk and shake in about 1/4 t of stevia and a pinch or so of cinnamon.  Slice off a few slices of bread and let them soak for a minute or so in the mixture.  You can then fry the French toast up over medium heat in some melted grass fed butter or coconut oil.  Remove the toast from the pan when it is golden and just barely crisping on the outside.  Yum!!

Top with no-sugar jam or drizzle with Coconut Nectar for a delicious sugar-free, dairy-free, low-gluten breakfast.

If you've never tried French toast cooked in coconut oil, give it a shot.  It's really delicious and kids beg for it.  (Pancakes also taste wonderful cooked in coconut oil.)

Just curious...

Will you have to have it again tomorrow morning?  I know I will.  I'm already thinking about it!

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* We do not recommend this bread for Celiacs.

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