Saturday, October 4, 2014

Super Green Smoothie--the Morning Inflammation Fighter

We're fighting inflammation by drinking a Super Green Smoothie each morning for breakfast.  At NutriGuide, we're all doing it.  This, by the way, folks, is the true breakfast of champions!

Inflammation is linked to so many diseases these days (see box below for a list of specific diseases). Our favorite smoothie foods, super greens, green herbs, fresh veggies and fruits, are all high powered inflammation fighters.  

By the way, one thing we've noticed is that when foods are really good for you, your body craves them and loves the taste of them.  Such is the case with the Super Green Smoothie.  Of course, it will never taste as good as a cupcake.  However, after a few days, you'll find that your smoothie gives you a great deal of pleasure and satisfaction.  If it seems strange to you to drink a green smoothie for breakfast, we urge you to just try it for a few days.  You'll love it.

Actually, what you'll love most is the clear thinking brain power, the glowing skin, the looser clothing and the extra plus energy.  

Smoothies are easy to make.  People who own one, swear by a Vitamix, but you can use a food processor or a blender if that's what you happen to have already.  Our daily smoothie recipes vary from day to day, but we try to always include some of the following:

A small head of lettuce (Romaine or any other leafy green.  You can buy bags of several heads of organic Romaine at Costco and many local supermarkets.)

Super Greens--Select from kale, chard, spinach, mizuna, arugula, amaranth, quinoa or any other fabulous super greens you can get your hands on.  Toss in a couple of generous handfuls.

Leafy Green Herbs--We like parsley, flat leafed parsley and cilantro.  Here, one small handful will do.

Celery and Cucumber-- Add about 1-2 cups of each.  If the cucumber is waxed, cut the skin off. 

An apple--Leave on the peel, but cut the apple in half and remove the core and seeds.

A lemon--Remove all the seeds and most of the peel.  Put the rest into the smoothie, pulp, juice and all.  

Filtered Water--Add 1-2 cups to help your food processor or blender create a liquid.  

This is the basic recipe for a delicious smoothie.  This will make about 3 smoothies.  You can drink one now and put the other two into the fridge, tightly covered, one for each of the next two days.  

We often add our favorite fruits to our smoothies.  In fact, we've found two fruits that really improve the taste.  Be sure to add these to your first smoothies as they will make them more tasty while you are a newcomer to the smoothie habit.  We like to add half a banana to each morning's drink plus about 4 big fat grapes.  Also, if you like cilantro, be sure to add it the first time out.  We think it makes the smoothie taste better. 

Half a banana and a scoop of protein powder each day.

One last important add-in might be a scoop of protein powder.  If you are diabetic or under weight, be sure to add this.  It will help you make it through to lunch.  Most people will be able to have just the smoothie for breakfast.  In fact, this can be a wonderful weight loss or maintenance trick, if that's your goal.  

Once you've processed your basics in your food processor or blender, you might want to finish today's smoothie off in a smaller blender such as a Bullet.  We usually store the extra smoothies in the fridge without the fresh fruits and protein powder, adding them and blending just before drinking.  Add the extra fruits and protein powder and blend for half a minute or so to create a smoother texture.  The Bullet has lots of special cups with lids that can be used to drink your smoothie and to store the leftovers for tomorrow and the next day.  It cleans up quickly, too. 

Yum, yum.  Drink up!  It's really good for you.

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