Sunday, April 26, 2015

Church Potluck

Sometimes you're asked to bring a dish to help feed a crowd.  What can you bring that the crowd will enjoy but that is also healthy for everyone?

I like this asparagus vermicelli salad recipe,  It's an updated version of an old favorite.  It's gluten free and there are lots of anti-inflation herbs and onions.

Vermicelli Salad

2 pkg quinoa spaghetti cooked according to package directions, drained and run under cold water to cool and cut into 2" strands
1 large bunch slim asparagus, cooked, drained, run under cold water and cut into 1" pieces
1 bunch green onions sliced very thin
1 1/2 cups flat leaf parsley chopped fine
1 T fresh grated parmesan cheese (optional)

1 cup Cucini Bold Parmesan and Garlic Salad Dressing  (I chose it because it is soy oil free)
1 cup Best Foods Canola mayonnaise or any other soy free mayo (I prefer our homemade flax oil mayonnaise for extra anti-inflation omega-3s)
1/8 t onion salt
1/8 t garlic salt
1 T fresh thyme
2 t dried Italian herbs
4 T fine minced fresh shallot
1 t lemon pepper
1 t sea salt (or more to taste)

Make the vinaigrette by whisking all the ingredients together.  In a large serving bowl, using tongs, mix the pasta and the vinaigrette together.   Set aside a few tablespoons of parsley and green onions.  Gently add the asparagus, green onions and flat leaf parsley to the spaghetti mixture.  sprinkle the extra green onions and parsley on top.  Grate fresh parmesan over the top.  (If you are dairy free, just skip the cheese.  )

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