Monday, April 13, 2015

Humming and Rosemary Tea

We're having an early pollen season here in California, because of the drought.  My naturopath tells me her practice is flooded with people struggling with histamine overload.

I was feeling it a bit too, until I drank a cup of rosemary tea the other day and noticed that all my sinus symptoms disappeared right away.

Wow, that was amazing.  How often in life do you experience immediate healing like that?  It got me interested in doing a little research on rosemary and histamines.

Sure enough, rosemary is recommended as a natural anti-histamine. You can drink it in tea as I did. Just bring a pot of fresh clean water to boil, stick a sprig of fresh rosemary in, let it boil for awhile and turn the flame off to let the rosemary steep in the hot water. You can drink 3 cups a day of rosemary tea as needed.  (Avoid rosemary if you are pregnant because it stimulates the uterus.)

Of course, rosemary is also a natural anti-inflammatant, as are all the dark green herbs.  I keep a pot of it growing and move it inside to a sunny window during the winter.  It's become my habit to keep several important herbs growing in pots (in my limited sunny window space) for both culinary and healing purposes.  Now that the weather is nice, these pots will soon be living in my garden.

Oregano, chamomile and peppermint also make great anti-histamine teas.  For maximum healing, don't mix them together, just steep them one at a time and rotate them throughout your week.  And remember you want to use fresh live herbs.

What about the humming, you may be wondering.  Oh, yeah.  In my travels around the web this morning I ran across an article on PubMed showing that humming for an hour a day for four days can cure nasal infection.

The world is a funny place!   I haven't hummed in years.  Maybe that's my problem.  I say up with humming!

Now my only problem is...what to hum?

If like me, you're stymied at the thought of humming, how about a little structure and guidance with a professional coach:

Or you might want to try Puccini's humming chorus from Madama Butterfly....

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