Friday, December 12, 2014

As some of you may know, I'm working with a group of people who are creating a company with the purpose of making it easier to find information on healing disease with food.

Right now it seems so difficult to find the information you need.

  • You show up in the supplement section at your local health food store and ask the guy that runs the section what you can take for your condition, but you have no idea whether he's at all knowledgeable.  
  • One magazine article tells you it's okay to eat a certain food and the next article condemns it totally.
  • You go online to search and you find lots of information, but you have no idea if any of it is actually scientifically proven, or if it's just someone's opinion.  
  • You follow an internet nutritionist or doctor but he's constantly pushing his own supplement line or diet book.  
Who do you trust and what is really true?

Well, we're trying to end the confusion.  We're basing our company on scientific research.  The information is out there.  There are thousands and thousands of research studies from Universities, hospitals, government groups, doctors, nutritionists and dietitians, as well as pharmaceutical, wellness and food companies.  

Most of this information gets published somewhere on the internet. The problem is that it is often published in places where the average person like you or me can't find it.  

Did you know that Google only reaches 4% of the information available on the internet?  It's true. And mostly what you get when you search for information on Google is the most requested information.   

The coolest part about what we're doing is that we have a special search engine that was originally developed for NASA.  It can crawl all around the deep internet and find obscure information.  This engine pulls up all kinds of scientifically documented facts from around the globe.

We're working on our first condition right now, eczema.  We're still in the process of pulling together all the available research on eczema but I have a preliminary report and I've been working with it for two months now.  

Yes, I've actually been eating and living on our eczema diet.  

By the way, I don't have eczema.  I just wanted to see how it would feel to live out the recommendations that are coming to the surface through our deep net searching.  So skin looks great, I've lost several pounds, my "brain fog" has lifted, I feel energetic and I have no aches or pains.  

I've had to give up some foods and emphasize others as part of all this, but I am doing this easily now. The first week or two was a bit of a challenge, because I felt hungry and had cravings for some of the foods I had been eating.  But now that I'm into it, I find it very easy to stay on the eczema cure. 

Oddly, I've lost the food cravings that have plagued me on a daily business for most of my adult life. I'm so much less hungry now.  

Even though I've always eaten healthy foods, every single thing I put in my mouth now has a healing purpose and I'm starting to really see and feel the results.  

Anyway, I am working out a lot of recipe and menu plans for our eczema report and the food has been not just healing but delicious and pleasurable.  All of these recipes, menus, and eating plans will be a part of the final report along with shopping tips.  I really think its important to be able to pull together family meals easily, including to know what ready made foods from your favorite stores are healing.  So we've been shopping Trader Joe's and Costco and putting together shopping guides for things you can toss into your cart with confidence on the eczema diet.  

After we get our eczema report out, we'll jump right into the next condition.  Eventually we'll have reports available for most diseases and our amazing technology will allow us to combine conditions together. That means that if you have diabetes, but your mother had cancer and your father had heart disease, we'll be able to create a customized healing report just for your personally showing everything you need to know about healing and managing those three conditions with food, supplements and herbs.  

If you have eczema and you'd like to be notified when our first report is ready (should be mid-January), you can sign up at our Nutricern website.  We're also looking for a few people to beta test our report for free.  You can sign up for that there, too.  

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